¡Bienvenidxs de vuelta! 4/4

Queridos y queridas estudiantes:

Espero que hayan tenido un feliz Spring Break. Espero que hayan podido descansar. Antes de nuestra clase de mañana les recuerdo lo siguiente. Puesto que se trata de información bien importante, el mensaje está en inglés para que no haya lugar a dudas:

  • Short Assignment #3 Due Today 4/4: Please remember that Short Assignment #3 is due today through your Individual Working Google Doc. I will grade them during the week and let you know about the deadline to accept and/or incorporate my feedback if you want to obtain a better grade when the time comes.
  • Changes in the Syllabus – Spanish Grammar in Context Asynchronous: After listening to your feedback and planning what we have left I have decided to make some minor changes on the syllabus. We will no be meeting through Zoom to review Spanish Grammar in Context synchronously for the following classes: 4/12, 4/14, 4/19, 4/21 & 4/26. Instead you will have to individually review the assigned Spanish Grammar in Context sections -see Calendar– and complete the Practice sections. Upload a screenshot of the completed exercises and/or quizzes to your Individual Working Google Doc by the end of each day. This Practice is not graded but count towards participation grade.
  • One on One Meetings: During class time in those days I will be meeting with you individually for about 10 minutes to discuss your project of the course and plan your Short Assignment #4. Please see the One on One Meetings Announcement in the Announcements section of this site to know your date and time.

Tomorrow Monday 4/5 I will explain everything during our class. Please keep your questions until then and I will be more than happy to answer them.

¡Gracias a todas y a todos! ¡Nos vemos mañana!


Prof. Daniel Valtueña

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