There are a total of four short assignments and an oral presentation in this course. These assignments will address the five stages of the Design Thinking methodology towards building students’ projects for the course which will be ultimately presented in class at the end of the session. An extra credit opportunity is also available. All assignments must be submitted in Spanish. No late assignments will be admitted.

Short Assignments

Each of the four short assignments will be aligned with the first four stages of the Design Thinking methodology: Empatizar, Definir, Idear & Prototipar. All short assignments will be submitted via an Individual Working Google Doc the instructor will provide the students with. All four short assignments due dates can be found in the Calendar section on this site.

All students must provide the instructor with a valid gmail account by the end of the first week of classes to access to their individual working Google Doc.

All assignments instructions and due dates will be communicated to the students in advance, will be posted in this section of the Course Site and will be available in the individual working Google Docs.

The instructor will provide feedback and grade the assignments via the individual working Google Doc. The instructor will suggest changes in the assignment for students to improve their grades. Students will have one week to make those changes if interested.

Oral Presentation

For the final stage of the Design Thinking methodology titled Validar, students will deliver an individual oral presentation in Spanish on their project during May 5, May 10 and May12 class sessions. Further instructions on the oral presentation will be specified later in the semester.

Extra Credit Opportunity

On the second day of classes researchers and community organizers Ángeles Donoso Macaya and Pedro Cabello del Moral will visit the class to give a presentation on their project Archives in Common: Migrant Practices / Knowledges / Memory. This project is looking for undergraduate CUNY students to work in the English-Spanish translation of their virtual site. This is a paid opportunity. Those students who decide to get involved in this project will also get extra credit in the course. This extra credit opportunity will increase your final grade in one letter.

After Ángeles Donoso Macaya and Pedro Cabello del Moral’s presentation on Wednesday February 3, interested students should email the instructor showing their interest in getting involved in the project. Then the instructor will put the students in contact with the project leaders and monitorize their work.