Short Assignment #3


This short assignment draws on the third phase of the Design Thinking methodology: IDEATE.

This assignment will take the form of a PROJECT PROPOSAL. After having empathized through the interviews you conducted and defined your Foco de Acción, now it is time for you to decide which problem you want to address and what kind of project you’ll develop in the fourth phase of the Design Thinking process.

Remember that this project must be written and delivered entirely in Spanish and served a Spanish-speaking group or community.

Your Project Proposal must include:

  1. PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: This section should briefly explain the issue you want to address with your project being as specific as possible, i. e. Baruch students’ mental health awareness.
  1. ORIGINAL SOLUTION: This section should explain the kind of solution you would like to provide for the problem to be partially solved, i.e. Support groups for Spanish-speaking Baruch students.
  1. DELIVERABLE: This section should include what you will create to make your project come true, i.e. Instagram posts to be shared through Baruch social media accounts and sample mail to be distributed among Baruch departments.
  1. TO-DO LIST: This section should include what you need to make the project happen, i.e. Decide how the sessions will be structured, who will facilitate them, when they take place, etc.

This assignment should not exceed 2 pages (Times New Roman 12 double-spaced)