Short Assignment #1


This short assignment draws on the first phase of the Design Thinking methodology: EMPATHY.

For this assignment you have to interview 3 Spanish speakers asking them about the difficulties they are experiencing at this moment. These interviews will help you practice your oral Spanish and start your research about your course project.


  • Decide who you want to interview and contact them letting them know that this short conversation is part of a class assignment and that will be recorded. The interviewees can be people you know like relatives or friends or that you do not personally like someone working in a local store or a friend of a friend.
  • Schedule a time to talk with them either in-person, virtually, or on the phone.
  • Make sure you can record the interview using your mobile phone or any other device.
  • Ask the interviewees the following questions:
  1. ¿Podría decirme su nombre completo, su edad, su lugar de nacimiento, el lugar en el que reside actualmente y su ocupación profesional?
  2. ¿Cómo se encuentra en este momento?
  3. ¿Podría decirme de qué manera le ha afectado la pandemia del COVID-19?
  4. ¿Hay algún problema o tema de actualidad que le preocupa especialmente?
  • Transcribe the interviews in your Individual Working Good Doc editing any mayor mistakes if necessary.
  • At the end answer the following question in 100-150 words: ¿Con qué tema o situación de los mencionados en tu entrevista te sientes más identificado/a? ¿Por qué?