Short Assignment #4


This short assignment draws on the fourth phase of the Design Thinking methodology: PROTOTYPE.

This assignment will take the form a PROTOTYPE  of your project. After having empathized through the Interviews you conducted, defined your Foco de Acción, and ideated your project in form of a Project Proposal, now it is time for you to actually create the deliverable that will constitute your project of the course. 

Because of the different nature of each project, students will submit their Short Assignments #4 in different formats depending on their scope and/or interest. Based on the Deliverable and To-Do List sections of the Short Assignment #3, come prepared to the One on One Meeting with the instructor so you can present, discuss, and argue what you want to submit as your Short Assignment #4. This assignment will constitute the final form of your project at this stage.

See in the Announcements section of this site to know when your One on One Meeting is scheduled.